Only a piece of an immersive installation, 1 8 18 continues to queering the gendering of materials the rest of Shell's work aims to subvert; in this case yarn and the idealized perfection perception of weaving. They use this queering a jumping off point to speak about the misrepresentation between health care and the lives of those who are struggling everyday. Shell explores the weight of their own invisible illness, a genetic heart defect, in this video. By puppeteering their own yarn valve to the sounds of ultrasonic wave forms the artist takes control of their representation, expressing the fear and overwhelming nature of past and impending operations, treatments and waiting rooms. They contrast reading the results of their most recent echocardiogram test with testimony of their own lived experiences and symptoms-- things the doctors and the test results simply ignore or sweep to the side. The result here is a video filled with loud color and layered, high frequency sounds-- the artist's last ditch effort to call attention to the stories and individuals who suffer from conditions everyday. 
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