Below is photo documentation of my first live performance entitled Inlaid. 
The performance and sculptural remains were included in a show at San Francisco Art Institute entitled Parsing Dissent-- a show aiming to challenge dominate power structures and subjects as natural and inevitable. 
The piece involved over 70 lbs of soft paraffin in which I applied the material using my body as both a tool for heating up the wax and my body as a tool for making. The material was applied to a large square sheet of plexiglass. The square shape was meant to signify the confines and binaries placed upon my queer and marginalized body, the wax was meant to signify both a literal act of struggle within the confines of the plexiglass and the struggle I have felt in society to contain my queerness within a certain perimeter. One the wax material was fully applied the exhaustive and meditative performance was complete lasting a total of 
1 hour and 40 minutes.
Photo documentation was by fellow artist Mengmeng Lu
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